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Nancy Ogden West Biography



ancy Ogden West offers over 32 years of experience in the aesthetic industry as a professional educator.  She began her career with Redken Laboratories and was soon recruited by On Stage Cosmetics as a National Educator.  Since that time she has grown in industry knowledge, clinical skills, and experience. In addition to her work as a lecturer, educator and consultant to cosmetic companies, hospitals and private practices, she is recognized internationally as an authority on professional and clinical camouflage make up. 

Early in her career, Nancy established a successful free-lance business in Columbus, Ohio where she hosted her own segment on Discover Columbus, a weekly television program.  Since then, she has served as make-up consultant to several television news programs, corporations, organizations and professional women’s groups.

            Nancy is accredited by the California Board of Education as a Certified Paramedical Camouflage Adviser and by the State of Ohio as a Licensed Aesthetician.

She possesses a solid business background as well.  In 1985, she founded the Cosmetic Design Centers where she served as President until January 1988.  In February 1988, she founded Facial Design, Inc., which operated the Academy of Facial Design and Facial Design Studios and were the forerunner of the Appearance Therapy Institute that specializes in advanced clinical seminars.  Additionally, she maintained a thriving private practice and helped spearhead the Skin Enhancement Center for University Dermatologists, Inc. and affiliate of University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio.

An engaging and compelling speaker, Ms. West is a frequent Keynote Speaker and Seminar Leader in the aesthetic and medical fields speaking on a variety of subjects from “Seasonal Trends in Make Up” to “Cosmetics after Surgical Procedures” at a Cosmetic Efficacy Symposium in Germany; to “When Scars Are Physical:  Paramedical Camouflage and Social Psychotherapy” at the National Association of Social Workers Convention.

Ms. West has also contributed articles to Skin Inc., Dermascope, Les Nouvelles Esthetic, Vogue and Elle.

With experience encompassing all aspects of the beauty industry from corporate educator and franchiser to medical esthetic specialist and consultant, Nancy Ogden West offers a broad range of knowledge to share.

Medical Profession - Presentations


Unilever, Cosmetic Efficacy Symposium, National Association of Social Workers, Ohio Burn Team, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dermatology Nurses Association, Frontiers Vitiligo Association, Aultman Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, Department of Health, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Summit County General Health District, Louisville Jewish Hospital, Miami Jackson Memorial Burn Unit, The International Life Science Institute and several conferences in the Esthetic industry just to name a few.



University of Nevada Las Vegas

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

International Academy of Professional Make Up

Licensed Aesthetician, State of Ohio

Certified Paramedical Camouflage Adviser, California Board of Education

Numerous Advanced Education Specialty Seminars in the Aesthetic industry.


ILSI (International Life Science Institute) 

Washington, D.C.

RE:  ILSI North America Self-care & Health Program's derma initiative - I am wondering if you'd be willing to talk by phone about some of the plans we have - you are aware of the roundtable we'd like to host and we also have planned a fact book, a skin health primer for non-specialists. Specifically, I'd like to talk to you about helping us jump-start this project.


This is how and why they introduced themselves:

An attached fact sheet on ILSI North America describes briefly who we are; an industry funded, but non-lobbying, nonprofit that has historically (25 years) focused on nutrition and food safety issues. Also attached is a list of our members and trustees.  The public
trustees in particular will show you the range of universities with which we work.

An attached fact sheet on ILSI North America's Health & Wellness Program describes our new program to expand beyond food and nutrition.  Three years old, the program seeks to grow ILSI North America's role in health issues and to attract new expertise (and candidly, new dollars) to the table.  There are three pillars to the program: oral health, sleep health, and skin health.

ü  I worked them on the concept of the first initial book and idea for other books that could spin off from there.

ü  Found a writer that they approved

ü  Worked with the writer during the writing process:  to keep on track, edit and comment on area written, make sure it is kept within the number of pages wanted and project turned in on time.

ü  Needed a new head medical advisor for the project, I brought them David Bickers, Chairman for the Department of Dermatology, Columbia University, NYC, NY.  He got involved, major coo for the Director.

ü  Helped them to put roundtables together with specialist to discuss scientific matters and their truth.



Research U.S.

ü  Brought in to worked with the research team on a variety of projects.

ü  Example: We put together a rating system for what is considered “Healthy Skin”

ü  We would have discussions where they would ask me questions to become more familiar with the consumer and esthetician:  terminology, product formulations,  functions and finishes; likes an dis-likes, how they spend money, etc.

ü  Did presentation at New Jersey campus for the staff in the research division.


Pivot Point

Chicago, IL

ü  Did photo shoot for the Corrective Clinical Make Up Chapter of their new esthetic school manual

ü  Showed various tools, formulations and techniques of application.

ü  Before and afters with step by step photos taken for book

ü  A variety of medical conditions were shown for learning versatility of application


Angel Faces

San Diego, CA

A non-profit organization that does retreats for young girls between the ages of 9 to 19 with facial disfigurements.  We do a 6 day retreat that focuses on the mental, spiritual and physical being of these young girls.

ü  Staff – team member I head up the corrective cosmetics for the organization

ü  Work with each girl individually teaching her how to work with camouflage make up and then enhance with colored cosmetics if age appropriate.

ü  Also known as the “Dancing Queen” I lead a dance night to loosen up and shake it out!


World Burn Congress

Different city every year

Annually burn survivors from all over the world get together to celebrate their lives and likeness.  A variety of program go on to help educated, emotionally get better understanding, just share and support one another.

ü  I spend 3 days working individually with the survivors teaching them how to apply clinical camouflage.

ü  The rest of my time is spend enjoying them and celebrating life with them.


Kids Burn Camp

Akron, OH

A 5 day camp for all children that have burn injuries.

ü  I come in on dance night and get the kids ready for the party

ü  Some make up

ü  Lots of glitter

ü  And my famous airbrush tattoos


Children’s Hospital Burn Unit, Akron, OH

St. Vincent’s Hospital Burn Unit, Toledo, OH

ü  Do presentations to the support groups on Clinical Camouflage.

ü  Work with individual patients when they are ready, on how to apply their Clinical Camouflage.


Fundraisers  Children’s Hospital, Scleroderma Association, Firemen’s ACBC Fund

ü  Spear headed fundraisers

ü  Organized       

ü  Sold tickets

ü  Put hotel together

ü  Brought in support staff

ü  Hosted program


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