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The focus of Jack’s 45-year career has been a lifelong commitment to the principles of self-esteem, well-being, and health. As a hair-restoration specialist, hair stylist, and licensed cosmetologist, he has seen again and again how transformed appearance brings new life and hope to clients who are ailing or grieving. Now, at Changes Salon and Hair Spa, he makes the experience of healing transformation available to all.


Jack is uniquely equipped to fulfill this goal. His grounding in every aspect of hair and beauty science goes back to his days at Redken Labs, where for five years he taught hair chemistry, permanent-waving, and hair coloration to industry professionals. Even then he saw a clear connection between nutrition, biology, and emotional and mental states.


For most of his career, Jack operated his own salon. During that time, in addition to hair-cutting and styling, he continued to specialize in hair chemistry and coloration. He also became increasingly involved in serving clients with special needs. His interest in medically and genetically related hair loss led him to affiliate for nine years with an internationally prominent hair-restoration center, where he specialized in the field of hair replacement and restoration. Then he opened Changes.


Changes enables Jack to bring his expertise to every client, no matter how simple or challenging the circumstances. Whether clients are seeking the most becoming hairstyles or solutions to specific dilemmas, they will find what they’re looking for at Changes. And in doing so, they’ll contribute to society as well: Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of retail products will be donated to help local burn survivors.


Hair loss can result from nervous disorders, alopecia, male- and female-pattern baldness, chemotherapy, burns, and trauma. Attempts at camouflage (ranging from scarves, hats, and dyes to drug-store hairpieces and assembly-line wigs) are frequently unsatisfying and unsuccessful. At Changes, using the finest materials and most advanced techniques, Jack crafts partial or complete prosthetics and hair-replacement systems so natural-looking, they’re undetectable to the most experienced eye.


Jack’s keen interest in supporting the whole person takes in a number of beneficial approaches. These include natural topical treatments and nutritional supplementation. A founding member of the Cleveland Wellness and Prevention Alliance and president of Northcoast Wellness Ltd., Jack has become a distributor of AmeriSciences nutritional supplements in order to bring the highest-quality products to his clients.


For years, Jack has trained specialists and educated the public in hair chemistry, hair-replacement, nutrition, and wellness. His upbeat manner and enthusiasm for his subject make him a popular speaker with other professionals, community groups, wellness centers, and support groups for post-surgical and cancer patients.


Jack welcomes any and all inquiries. To schedule personal consultations and speaking engagements, call (330) 659-0381 or e-mail

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